Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post # 4 Multicultural Children's picture book

Goin' Someplace Special
By:Patricia C. Mckissack
Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney
Publisher:Aladdin paperbacks
ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-2735-8

The story “Goin’ Someplace Special” by Patricia C. Mckissack and Jerry Pinkney, is an Coretta Scott King award winning book. Coretta Scott King award is an award for the most outstanding African-American literature. All the illustration in the book was done by pencil and watercolor on paper. It’s a very colorful book and the picture matches the text really well.

I enjoyed reading this book. The story teaches children about an African American girl name Tricia Ann suffering from the Jim Crow law. Tricia Ann always wanted to go someplace special on her own but Mama Frances isn’t comfortable with that. Somehow Tricia Ann got Mama Frances to say yes. So Tricia Ann went on her way to someplace special. In order to get there she has to take a bus. She got on the bus and saw the Jim Crow sing that said: colored section, which was in the back of the bus. She wasn’t too happy at the time but she kept thinking about someplace special. She arrived at “someplace special” and was so happy jumping with joy. The special place had a Peace Fountain with a magnificent water show that was built by her grandfather. She wanted to sit down on a bench to enjoy the show but couldn’t. On the bench was a sign that said, “For whites only”. Once again Tricia Ann was sad. Tricia Ann went all over the city looking for a place that doesn’t have that sign. And in the end she founded a public library with a sign that said “all are welcome”. The illustration on that page was priceless. Tricia Ann’s facial expression is a vivid. You can see happiness all over her face, eyes, mouth, hair, nose, and even in her hands.

It is so amazing how Mama Frances allowed Tricia Ann to venture outside her community knowing that they were segregated. I remember when I was growing up I wasn’t allow to go outside my building without an adult being with me. But when I got a little older my parents allowed me to go to the library myself which was three blocks away from my house at the time. My parents always feel that the library is a safe place. What is it with parents and libraries!

This is a great Multicultural picture book because it allows children to learn that it’s never too early to venture outside their own community. It also teaches children how to overcome any situation they encountered. In life people faces all kinds of racial bigotry and discrimination. But it shouldn’t stop any one from doing what they want. Growing up in a mix neighborhood was not an easy task for me either. Having a mix group of friends was hard for my parents to understand. They didn’t like that very much. But they understand that it’s much divested in the United Stated unlike their homeland (China). So they just accepted the fact that I like good people regardless of their color, language, physical ability, and etc. We are all same a human being no better, no worse than anybody else in this world.

Multicultural books are books that allow children to learn about various races or ethnic groups in many forms and ways. Multicultural books invite readers into their house, life with grandma, into their neighborhood streets and so on. It’s a good way to teach children history as well. If I was introduced to this book earlier I might have not hate history as much growing up. If I had a choice to learn about Jim Crow though this fun picture book and through a boring history book I would of cause pick the fun book. I don’t remember ever reading a multicultural book growing up. Multicultural books nurture children hearts, as well as their minds, in school.

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  1. Lian,
    Your blog for this week was good. I was happy to be introduced to a different author because I have never read any of his books. My advice for this blog would be to introduce multicultural literature in the beginning, since this week was focused on that. Also, I found a couple of grammatical errors that you may have passed up. I would have liked to see some background information about the author as well. Overall, you did well.